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Growing concerns of cuts coming to Metrobus service

Concerns are mounting that a continuing decline in ridership could lead Metro to slash bus service.

Cyclist, pedestrian safety top priority of new D.C. regional transportation plan

The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) voted 29-2 Wednesday to approve Visualize 2045 — a regional plan for $291 billion worth of projects to optimize transportation for the additional 1.2 million people projected to live in the area by 2045.

Regional leaders approve a vision for D.C-area commuters in 2045

By 2045, there could be an additional 1.3 million people living in the Washington region. Many will still depend on cars to get around, but a greater number will take advantage of a network of bike lanes, bus rapid transit systems and light-rail to help…

Will the ‘rethinking’ of the Washington region’s bus network lead anywhere?

Bus ridership in the Washington region is down — and there is no sign of recovery as riders’ confidence in the public transportation system continues to wane and other options, including ride sharing, bike sharing, and scooters, become more widely available.

Metro GM: No fare increases or service cuts in next year’s budget as focus turns to customer service, workplace culture

Metro General Manager Paul J. Wiedefeld will not propose fare increases or more service cuts for the coming fiscal year, he said Tuesday, and will instead focus on improving customer service and workplace culture to help boost flagging ridership and revenue.