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Why are bike lanes such heated symbols of gentrification?

At a tense D.C. meeting over a proposed bike lane last month, one cycling advocate seemingly tried to add legitimacy to her argument by declaring that she had lived in the city for eight years.

New VRE Station in Spotsylavania County

After nearly a decade of planning, a new VRE station in Spotsylvania County is scheduled to open Monday morning with a train departing for Washington at 4:57 a.m. Six more trains were slated to follow.

What Pope Francis did for D.C. traffic

Many travelers thought the light traffic and uncongested transit during the visit by Pope Francis in September was a minor miracle. Now, the staff of the region’s Transportation Planning Board has measured it.

Feds Assume Control of Metro Safety Regulations

With Metro facing tougher scrutiny than ever, the federal government has officially begun overseeing safety regulations across the rail system.

I-66 HOT lanes added to D.C. region’s transportation plan

The region’s Transportation Planning Board voted Wednesday to include the Virginia HOT lanes plan for I-66 in its long-range transportation plan after a debate almost as complicated as the HOT lanes concept itself.