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Metro’s next steps toward major bus system overhaul

Metro’s bus system overhaul could be even more far-reaching and include not just changes to current Metrobus routes, but also other transit services across the region.

OmniRide encouraging participation in ‘Try Transit Week’ and ‘Car Free Day’

OmniRide is encouraging everyone to participate in two upcoming events designed to highlight alternatives to driving alone.

When Metro runs more trains, more people ride it

Significant increases in Metro ridership across Northern Virginia in June and July of this year, compared to the same time last year, suggest the degree to which round-the-clock track work keeps people away from the system.

Capital Bikeshare Goes Electric

After a series of announcements that were skimpy on details last month, Capital Bikeshare is officially adding 80 electric bikes to its fleet.

Washingtonians Gripe About September Traffic, But How Bad Is It?

If you think it takes longer to get to work in September than it does in August, you wouldn’t be wrong.