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Final Metro SafeTrack Surge About to Start

News4 Transportation Reporter Adam Tuss takes a look at the progress that Metro has made during a year of SafeTrack maintenance surges.

The importance of air quality alerts

Hotter days are happening more frequently as we get closer to the start of summer. Often as the mercury rises, the air quality goes down. Monday and Tuesday of this week were Code Orange Air-Quality Alert Days.

SafeTrack improvements move on to final stage

In the past year Metro has replaced 50,000 wooden rail ties, enough to reach as high as the Washington Monument — twice — if stacked.

Metro GM Expects Ridership To Improve after SafeTrack Concludes

Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefield said Thursday he believes ridership numbers on Metrorail will improve once the SafeTrack maintenance program concludes its last emergency repair surge next week in Montgomery County.

Train moving momentarily? This may be why

When Metro riders hear that dreaded announcement, and there has not been a train breakdown or track problem, there is often a common root cause: overwhelmed and overworked Rail Operations Control Center workers.  For the last eight years, these employees have had to do all…