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Got A Quick, Cheap Fix For I-270 Traffic? Maryland Wants To Hear It

Got a quick fix traffic solution for I-270 in Maryland? Quick means it could be implemented in two to three years and for less than $100 million, a tiny sum compared to the multi-billion dollar price tags of most major regional transportation projects.

Leggett and Riemer unveil new pedestrian plans

A year after breaking his hip while playing with his kids on a trampoline, Montgomery County Council member Hans Riemer (D- At large) still requires the use of a cane to walk.

D.C. Council votes to make it easier for cyclists to collect insurance after a crash

Bicyclists and pedestrians in the District could soon have a greater chance of recouping a share of medical bills and other costs after a crash.

Most drivers admit angry, aggressive behavior or road rage

While following too closely, yelling at another driver, cutting off a driver or making angry gestures are bad enough, an estimated 8 million drivers engaged in more extreme behavior on streets and roads that might be considered “road rage,” including bumping or ramming a vehicle…

Alexandria: Transit Improvements Arriving

The Atlantic Gateway is underway. Gov. Terry McAuliffe discussed the details of the $1.4 billion plan to reform regional road and rail projects at Alexandria’s Union Station on July 8. For Northern Virginia, the program means road expansions and more express lanes, but for Alexandria…