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Amid Debate Over D.C.’s Red-Light Cameras, Study Notes That They Save Lives

Critics of D.C.’s red-light camera program say it unevenly enforces the law, dishing out fines intended to fill the District’s treasury, but some researchers say the community should keep the bigger picture in mind.

DC-area bike sharing program celebrates 6th anniversary

The District Department of Transportation says Capital Bikeshare celebrates its sixth anniversary Monday. The bike sharing program now has more than 400 stations in the region. That includes stations in the District of Columbia, Maryland’s Montgomery County, and Arlington County and Alexandria in Virginia. Virginia’s…

Buckle up: Virginia effort aims to increase seat belt use

That’s the message schools across the state hope to get across with a campaign this year aimed at getting more kids and teens to wear their seat belts.

Transportation Secretary lays out federal guidelines on self-driving vehicles

At a news conference in D.C. on Sept. 20, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx laid out newly released federal guidelines on self-driving vehicles, such as how and where they should operate and how they should interact with roadways. (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)

Survey: Commuters find more satisfaction traveling with others

Commuters across the D.C. region look to more shared modes of traveling to work as driving alone becomes less popular. Carpooling, walking or biking are the more satisfying commuting options, according to the findings of a survey released Wednesday.