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DC’s ‘Transit Score’ falls compared to other major cities

Real estate listing firm Redfin’s latest report of Best Cities for Public Transitkeeps D.C. at No.4, but the region’s “transit score” fell further than any other major city on the list.

First came UberPool. Now there’s an even cheaper option, but it requires some extra effort.

Commuters who have grown so used to the split, lower-cost fares on UberPool may soon find an even cheaper ride in the D.C. region — and several other metro areas around the United States — if they don’t mind a little walking.

Beyond $40 Tolls: How Express Lanes Are Helping Northern Virginia Beat Traffic Congestion

The new express lanes on Interstate 66 inside the Beltway have gotten plenty of press for their $40 toll charges. But a report out this week says that in fact the average toll is more like $8 — and the result is better traffic flow…

How much time do DC-area drivers spend in traffic?

Drivers stuck in notoriously congested traffic in and around the nation’s capital can take comfort in a new study that shows things could be worse.

High-speed rail construction in Maryland may not be far away

Japan’s high-speed rail is one of the world’s fastest train systems, and plans to bring that to Maryland continue.