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DDOT Remains Mum On Key Streetcar Questions As Safety Campaign Begins

Middle school students at Browne Education Campus in Northeast D.C. assembled inside a classroom for a short safety lesson. The District Department of Transportation was kicking off its “Look, Listen, Be Safe” campaign

Metro escalator replacement worries some riders

Metro is about to launch one of the most challenging rounds in the program to improve what it calls its “vertical transportation” — the escalators. The specific target is the bank of three long escalators between the mezzanine and street at the Red Line’s Bethesda…

Police issue 96 tickets at Carroll Creek crosswalk

Frederick police stopped and cited 96 drivers for failing to stop for pedestrians in the South Market Street crosswalk near Carroll Creek during 18 hours of enforcement over the last month.  

Fairfax County works to expand roles of school crossing guards

Fairfax County may be expanding the role of some school crossing guards. Rush hour congestion not only is an issue on major commuter routes, but also on neighborhood streets that get clogged near schools.  

Car Free day encourages alternative transportation

TransIT Services of Frederick County will observe Car Free Day today by offering free rides on Connector and Shuttle routes. System spokeswoman Adrienne Moretz said the event will provide an opportunity for people to give alternative modes of transportation a try and consider using them…