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Why — and at what stations — Metro expects Ridership to Grow

Metro ridership is down. There could be a number of reasons for this, among them cuts to federal commuter benefits, the local economic slowdown or a rise in telecommuting.

Metro’s 7000-series rail cars make eagerly awaited debut on Blue Line

They are the stainless-steel, ergonomic, cool-blue pride of Metro — the hoped-for safer, smoother-running future of a subway system long beset by performance and management woes: Eight new rail cars of the 7000 series, the vanguard of 740 more, are finally in service. And Tuesday,…

Class-action suit claims predatory toll scheme on 495 Express Lanes

The company that manages the Interstate 495 toll lanes in Northern Virginia is socking violators with “unfair, illegal and unconscionable” fines and fees that have reached tens of thousands of dollars in some cases, according to a class-action lawsuit announced this week.

Maryland lawmakers approve Uber bill, send it to Hogan for signing

Maryland lawmakers approved legislation Monday making Uber, Lyft and other commercial ride-sharing services legal in the state. The “Uber” legislation now goes to Gov. Larry Hogan (R) for his signature.

VRE kicks off major expansion plan with new Spotsylvania station

Virginia Railway Express is opening a new Northern Virginia station this summer, marking the first major service expansion in the system’s 23-year history and a key piece of VRE’s long-term plans to meet the region’s growing transit needs.