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Street Smart campaign begins, will target all road users

The faces staring back at from the rear of buses: People with tire tracks across their faces with phrases underneath like “You can’t fix pedestrians at a body shop.”

New Loudoun transit plan could ease traffic, help with jobs

Looking around at the trees, cul-de-sacs, and wide, traffic-clogged roads that run through Loudoun County, it may be hard to imagine a future where many more people are crisscrossing the area by bus or rail. But the county is looking for input on how to…

Metro to Debut next generation train on Blue Line

The Blue Line will be the recipient of the first of Metro’s next generation of trains next month. The first 7000-series train is scheduled to enter passenger service on Tuesday, April 14, Metro announced today.

Addition to Metro safety manual suggests problems at control center

In January — after a deadly smoke event in a subway tunnel revealed problems with Metro’s emergency preparedness — a fat new paragraph was added.

Cherry Blossoms, tourists, and more traffic problems

As hundreds of thousands of tourists descend on the Washington region for the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival— and the start of tourism season—visitors and commuters should brace themselves for major traffic congestion and parking nightmares.