‘Pool Rewards

‘Pool Rewards is a commuter incentive program available through Commuter Connections designed to encourage commuters driving alone to and from work to start ridesharing in the Washington Metropolitan region.

‘Pool Rewards for Vanpools


If you drive alone to work and get at least seven people together (including yourself) who wish to form a new vanpool, you may qualify for a $200 monthly ‘Pool Rewards incentive for your new vanpool. Vans are available to accommodate between 7 and 15 total occupants (including the driver).

‘Pool Rewards for Carpools


Commuters who currently drive alone to work may be eligible for a cash payment through ‘Pool Rewards when they start or join a new carpool! If eligible, each carpool member can earn $2 per day ($1 each way) for each day they carpool to work over a consecutive 90-day period. The maximum incentive for the 90-day reporting period is $130. Carpools may consist of two or more people.

‘Pool Rewards 2013 Employer Contest Winners